Gothic Interior Design
It's not for Goths!

Gothic interior design is not just for Goths!

The original Gothic design was an architectural style from the 12th Century.

It was a very fine, decorative style – mainly categorized by pointed arches.

Here we will give you ideas to get the look...

Gothic style saw a bit of a revival in Victorian times too...

Again with very decorative architecture and design...

In rich colors, gold and with ornate decoration.

Gothic interiors are also a pretty popular look in the modern world too...

It will be a suitable look for you, if you like something unusual and dramatic in your interior design...

...deep rich colors, decorative patterns, an old fashioned style, and a really striking, ‘statement’ feel...

gothic interior design architecture

Architecture, Walls and Color

  • The Gothic style is inspired by Medieval decor and designs – so dark wood panelling, and wood carvings are the way to go.
  • Any skirtings, panelling, door or window frames should be dark wood - oak would be your wood of choice.

  • Gothic interior design - carved wood helps get the look - gorgeous wooden spiral stairs in a gothic building

  • Architectural features such as wooden ceiling beams, and fireplaces, are great features for your Gothic scheme.
  • A stone fireplace – genuine or reproduction – is a great focal point for your Gothic style room.

    A lovely, roaring open fire will give the perfect warming and old-fashioned look to your room.

  • Really deep and rich colors are needed for your walls, for an authentic-looking, Medieval Gothic interior design scheme.

    A rich, ruby red, dark green, gold, or even violet and royal blue are all suitable colors.

  • gothic interior design arches

  • Try plenty of little touches of gold here and there, to really lighten and brighten the look – and give a very luxurious feel.
  • Decorate your walls with rich, opulent wall hangings and tapestries – in true medieval style.

    Such as this beautiful La Vendanges Wall Tapestry

    La Vendanges Wall Tapestry

    Or this Unicorn Dips His Horn Wall Tapestry: Medium, Cotton

    Unicorn Dips His Horn Wall Tapestry: Medium, Cotton

    They will give a lovely, warming feel to your home, and make it feel really cosy!


  • Hardwood flooring in a dark color is ideal for a Gothic look – very authentic, and very easy to achieve.
  • If you are looking for something a little more dramatic (but perhaps a little cold, and hard underfoot!) try stone flooring.

    Concrete, or rustic looking tiles will also give a good look.

  • Traditional style rugs are essential to get a true Gothic look.

    Choose traditional, geometric, floral or heraldic patterns, in lovely rich colors.


Gothic windows - interior design in a simple modern style

  • Gothic style windows can be a spectacular architectural feature in your home.

    If you are lucky enough to have such lovely windows try to make a feature of them in your room.

    In the photo above the Gothic windows are emphasised by making everything else simple and contemporary - plain white walls will certainly make architectural features stand out.

    This is a great way to make Gothic architecture stand out in a modern style home...

    If you want something a little more old-fashioned, try some thick, luxurious curtains...

  • Gothic style curtains should be quite simple, but nice and full – made from quality, soft, heavy-weight fabrics, and full length.

  • gothic interior design curtain

  • Use luxury velvets, brocades, damasks and tapestry fabrics.

    Try tie-backs for extra style and add tassels and corded trim and decoration in an accent color, like gold.

Furniture and Accessories

  • Choose good quality, dark wood furniture for authentic Gothic interior design style.

  • gothic interior design table

  • Choose a simple, plain and solid style – or something more decorative and carved.

    Look out for the typical, pointed arch style in furniture features – chair backs, bed heads and decorative carvings etc.

    Try this lovely Gothic Tracery Cathedral Chair

    Gothic Tracery Cathedral Chair
  • Wrought iron is the perfect material for authentic, Gothic style lighting.

    A large, wrought iron chandelier in the centre of your room is a great idea for Gothic interior design.

    Also choose plenty of decorative, wrought iron wall sconces and candlesticks.

  • You should include plenty of candles to provide atmospheric mood lighting, for your Gothic room.
  • Other than candlesticks, you don’t actually need that many other accessories, to get a successful Gothic interior design look...

    ...just look out for: decorative boxes, metal plates, bowls and drinking-ware – glasses and pitchers, as well as lamps and wall-hangings.

  • Also look out for Gothic, heraldic wall décor and medieval style swords and armor – this will definitely bring an old-fashioned air of drama to your room.

    Try something like this Grand Arms of France Wall Shield Collection

    Grand Arms of France Wall Shield Collection- Set of Two
  • This is usually quite a dark and heavy look - making use of plenty of deep, rich colors, heavy fabrics and solid furniture.

    It will suit a large room better than a small room.

  • gothic interior design textile

  • If you do decide to use the Gothic interior design look in a smaller room, it will darken the room and make it feel smaller...

    ...but will give an extra dramatic look and feel!

    If you like, you can lighten the look by using white, cream, or paler colors on the walls, and only add the deep, rich colors as accents.

The Gothic interior design look really isn’t for everyone – but if you do like it, you will get a very relaxing, warm, friendly look – with a real sense of the dramatic – so enjoy!

Medieval & Gothic Collectibles

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Are you ready to start your Gothic interior design scheme?

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