Halloween Decorating Ideas

Spooky Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorate your Home for Halloween...

Get some great halloween ideas and tips - spooky, scary, fun or autumnal themes...

Useful Halloween Decorating Tips...

In the run up to Halloween, it is always nice to get into the ‘spirit’ of things…

Decorating your home for Halloween is fun, and can be a great way to take your mind off the end of Summer, and the beginning of a dark, cold Winter…

halloween decorating ideas scary pumpkins

Whether or not you have kids, or are planning a scary Halloween party, decorating the house for Halloween will surely ‘raise the spirits’…

Decorating for Halloween is fun … all the more so because you know it isn’t forever!

Decorating the house for Halloween means you can really use your imagination, get creative...

And completely go to town on the decorations, in a way you wouldn’t normally approach your home décor…

Find out more about decorating all year round with a Halloween and Autumnn inspired interior design trend.

I really love Halloween, and any excuse to trim up the house with my Halloween decorating ideas…

Use pumpkins and spooky props for impact in your halloween decorating look

Choose Your Halloween Look

You can choose what sort of Halloween look you want to go for when decorating your own home for Halloween:

  • A subtle and sophisticated celebration of Autumn, with a ‘Harvest’ theme, fresh pumpkins, gourds and ‘rustic accessories’
  • A fun, party theme, mainly with the kids in mind
  • A scary, theme with ghosts, fake blood and gothic interior design ideas. This look is more suitable for adults and older children.
  • A colorful 'Day of the Dead' Mexican themed fiesta - really exotic and a very popular recent trend which combines the 'Day of the Dead' celebrations (Nov 1st/2nd) with our Halloween traditions. A fun theme, which you can adapt to make it suitable for kids or grown ups - click here to find out more about party decor 'Day of the Dead' style...
  • Day of the Dead decorations can be included as part of your halloween party

  • A mix and match of all themes

Halloween Decorating Ideas and Tips


  • The absolute essential for decorating your home for Halloween has got to be a pumpkin.
  • A pumpkin is a very traditional theme when decorating for Halloween, so be sure to include at least one pumpkin in your Halloween decorating ideas.
  • There are lots of gorgeous designs now, and ideas for carving your pumpkin.

    So try to use your imagination and get really creative with your carving…

  • get creative with your pumpkin carving - practice makes perfect!

  • Carving pumpkins is also a great, fun activity to do together, too… And an adult should always help children with sharp knives.

  • halloween decorating ideas carving pumpkins

  • Try to carve the pumpkin the same day, or the day before a Halloween party. The carved pumpkin will probably stay nice for up to a week afterwards.
  • Uncarved pumpkins will last for months, so you can include an arrangement of uncarved pumpkins in your home for the whole Halloween or Autumn period (then eat them!)

  • halloween decorating ideas pumpkins and fairy lights

  • As an alternative to candles, fairy lights are a great choice – safe, long-lasting, and give a great effect.
  • Pumpkins can be placed outdoors, by the house entrance, or can be used all over your home, singly, or in arrangements and groups, for maximum effect.

halloween pumpkins on steps

Autumn and Harvest

  • For an Autumnal theme concentrate on:
    • uncarved pumpkins
    • other fruits and veg, such as marrows and gourds
    • flowers and foliage
    • rustic accessories
    • a more ‘harvest’ theme

  • a harvest theme for halloween can be mixed with carved pumpkins for a seasonal and holiday decor

  • This is a wonderfully natural look, concentrating on all the colors, patterns and textures present in the fruit and veg.
  • It is a very long lasting look too – uncarved pumpkins and vegetables will last a considerable time, and the theme is not redundant once the actual Halloween date has passed.

  • halloween decorating ideas harvest theme

  • This is quite a subtle look, and will really suit a:
    • kitchen
    • sunroom or conservatory
    • country cottage

Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas

  • For scary Halloween decorating tips and ideas, go for a more gothic interior design look.

  • halloween decorating ideas spooky theme

  • Try an arrangement of candles, wrought iron candlesticks and old, ‘ripped’ net curtains.
  • Go for spooky lighting, and a suggestion of skulls, bones, ghostly goings-on, spiders and cobwebs.

halloween decorating ideas for a party - scary skull - a bit too realistic for some!!

Kids’ Halloween Decorating Tips

  • So far as kids’ Halloween decorating ideas goes, the more the merrier and anything goes…
  • There are plenty of cheap, cheerful and effective Halloween decorations to purchase, widely available, with children in mind…

  • humorus halloween decorating ideas are best for younger kids - not too frightening

  • Children don’t mind a spooky or scary theme, but aim to keep the atmosphere cheerful and fun for younger children.
  • Children will enjoy lending a helping hand with making decorations for decorating the house for Halloween … and will surely have plenty of creative ideas to offer.
  • Try and include fun games and plenty of party food for a kids’ Halloween party theme.

halloween decorating ideas party cakes

More Halloween Decorating Tips

  • Replace your usual pictures and photos with Halloween themed images:
    • bats
    • black cats
    • witches
    • toads
    • wolves
    • etc

  • halloween decorating ideas decorate your home for a party

  • Choose low level lighting for a really spooky atmosphere when decorating your home for Halloween:
    • candles
    • illuminated pumpkins
    • fairy lights
  • Drape black, white or orange netting over every conceivable surface.

  • halloween decorating ideas black cat

  • Create arrangements in corners, on tables, chairs etc, of Halloween themed objects:
    • pumpkins
    • witches
    • skulls
    • cats
    • ghosts
    • etc
  • Decorate oranges with a felt pen, for effective and fun, decorative ‘mini pumpkins’.

  • halloween decorating ideas draw on little oranges

  • Make sure your party food continues the theme, with:
    • drinks served in hollowed out pumpkins
    • cakes in Halloween colors and shapes – orange, black, dark brown, ghosts, pumpkins etc
    • bobbing-apple games
    • etc

  • halloween decorating ideas halloween table

  • Insist on fancy dress for Halloween night itself!
  • Above all, whether you decorate for one night, one to two weeks, or the whole Halloween and Autumn period, have fun and enjoy yourself!

    time for a halloween party with ghost-inspired cakes - yum, yum!!

    Your Halloween decorating ideas aren’t permanent, so go on, get creative, have some fun trimming up and decorating the house for Halloween … it will take your mind off the dark winter nights and cold weather.

  • So, I wish you a Happy Halloween … and hope you won’t be too scared of decorating for Halloween this year..!

Happy Halloween

Try these fun Halloween decorating ideas and find some fun and spooky Halloween decorations to get your party started....

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