Teenage Loft Bedroom?

by Maura
(Powell OH United States)

Its a mess now but it will be perfect...

Im moving and my new room is a loft..it's the first time i have my own room....and i want it to be special...

I'm thirteen but im really mature for my age and I want something chic and special....

I have no idea what my color scheme is....


Thank you!

teenage loft bedroom

teenage loft bedroom

teenage loft bedroom
It's a mess now, but it will be perfect...

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Feb 03, 2011
Blank Canvas waiting for Inspiration...!
by: Charlotte

Hi Maura

Your new room looks a great space that you can make your own!

It's a bit of a blank canvas at the moment, which can always be a bit daunting for coming up with ideas....!

As you say you want something chic and special, the first thing that came to mind was this lovely bedroom, which is one of the most popular on my website - and deservedly so...

pink teenage bedroom stunning

You can see a larger image, and more details of where to buy a similar look here... (opens in a new window)

If you are not keen on pink, this lovely look would also work wonderfully well with a pale blue or turquoise...

I notice you have a lovely gold sun and moon on your wall - I wonder if this could be the starting point for a lovely gold scheme - you could have the main color of the room a soft sandy gold color, and add sparkly accents in golds, silvers, browns and bronzes, cut glass, crystal, mirrors etc - for a chic and sparkly scheme.

There are lots of colors you could choose from, depending on what you love - perhaps you have a favorite color for clothes that you might like to try out in your room?

Do you think you like a warm and cosy feel? (choose 'warm' colors, such as reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, golds - especially deep and rich tones)

...or a clean, spacious and minimalist feel? (choose 'cool' colors - blues, greens, and pale colors)

If you are really stuck in your own color preferences, why not just decorate your room depending on which way the windows face - that way you are sure to get a color that suits the room (...so long as it's not a color you hate!!)

More info about decorating color choices and window direction, here...

Do you want to experiment with some bright or zany colors? ...or prefer something more toned down? (I think it is easier to get a sophisticated look with something more muted, toned down or 'soft')

Continues on next comment...

Feb 03, 2011
Continues from above comment
by: Charlotte

Continues from above...

Lots more info about choosing a color, here... and here...

And lots of photos of bedrooms here to inspire you (there are 3 pages, so click through when you get to the end of the first one...)

Also 2 pages of teen decorating photos and ideas, starting here...

There is also more general information about bedroom interior design, here...

I hope some of these ideas will start to inspire you for a style...

Why don't you spend some time just gathering together a few photos from magazines or off the internet that really take your fancy, and see if you can come up with a 'theme' or 'look' that inspires you....

This page has info about generating your own creative ideas, with a mood board...

...why not have a go at making your own?

I hope some of these ideas help you on your way....

Do come back and let us know how you are getting on, or if you need any further help, just ask...

Good luck!

Charlotte x

Feb 03, 2011
by: Maura

Oh my gosh Charlotte, this is sooooo helpful..You're awesome!

Feb 03, 2011
Thanks - you're welcome!
by: Charlotte

Well thank you very much - and you are more than welcome Maura :)

Let us know how you get on and just ask if you need any more help.

Good luck

Charlotte x

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