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Create your own home color schemes with confidence

get confident with choosing your own home color schemes and interior design your own home

Welcome to your Interior Design Knowledge Base...

I want to help you to devise your own color schemes and create your own home interior decoration with confidence.

Are you sometimes confused by colors in your home? Or not sure how to get them to work out right for you..?

I can show you how to become home color confident!

Charlotte Brown, your colors & interiorsd coach and owner of the Interior Design It Yourself colors and interior decoration knowledge base

Hello, I'm Charlotte...

That's me on the right  ----->

I'll be your personal colors and interiors coach. I can show you how to design your own home interiors with confidence.

I've been helping my clients and readers to come up with creative color and interior decoration ideas since 2007.

A passion for color is one thing, but a scientific understanding of how to use color schemes in interior design is quite something else...

gathering inspiration for a color makeover

That's precisely why I decided to gain a thorough understanding of how to use color in home interior decoration, and study to become a trained color consultant for interiors.

My aim with this Knowledge Base is to help you to use colors wisely and confidently in your own home.

This Color & Interior Design Knowledge Base can help you to:

  • plan your room makeovers
  • choose colors that really connect with your personality
  • be inspired by decorating color schemes and styles
  • understand how colors work(no more color mistakes!)
  • plan layouts and arrange furniture
  • integrate lighting into your scheme
  • enjoy getting creative
  • and much, much more...

Where to start

This website is a great resource for you to use!
So start exploring now...

Browse through your own home interior design knowledge base to find 'real world' solutions to all your interior decoration difficulties...

The processes real designers use are at your finger-tips.

...only pared down and made more powerful so that you can quickly and easily unlock the power of your own creative side and put it to work inside your own home...

Professional Process

If you'd like to do it properly (recommended) it's best to go through the whole design process from start to finish... 

Start with the design checklist, here...

Fast Fixes -You can also check out the help for problem rooms and ideas for cheap changes

interior decorating for your own home - come up with lovely designs like this color co-ordinated mauve and gold room


Color & interior decor tips to take away...

Understand color, and learn about how to choose colors for your home - in 8 easy lessons...

The Practical Color Workbook

Interior Design It Yourself's Practical Color Workbook

Pdf only

All the best info from the website - and more!

Learn how to interior design it yourself...

Interior Design It Yourself Vols I-III

(Books available singly or as a deluxe package to SAVE MONEY!)

Interior Design It Yourself books - available as paperback, kindle or pdf

Paperback, kindle & pdf formats available

More ON SITE...

Help with interior decoration color schemes for your own home

Color Help

If you've ever been stumped for which color to choose, I can make it really easy, really quickly... 

We'll look at how the color wheel works, and exactly how you can use it to create color schemes you can be confident about... 

Take a look at my color workshop pages and my new Practical Color Workbook

Layout Help

Some surprising hints will help you with arranging furniture... 

There's even a really simple way to draw a layout plan (no panic or special equipment required!)

learn how tocreate layout plans to get your interior designs working well
interior design styles and themes to kickstart your creativity

Styles to Inspire

We're not short of gorgeous styles to inspire you either... 

Browse by room or theme. Or just search the many photo gallery pages where I take you through my 'pick of the pics'... 

Your personal colors & interiors coach

I've tried to make sure my website is jam-packed with all the information you need to come up with your own creative home designs...

But if you don't know where to start, or if you get stuck half way through, don't despair...

Help isn't far away...

You can join in with the friendly community in the I-DIY Club section... Share your home decorating projects, or ask a question...

You can request a coaching session or consultation with me, your personal coach ~ I'm here to help... 

And do also check out my range of  interior design books and downloads - available in pdf, paperback and Kindle format - as well as my newly published Practical Color Workbook

Interior Design it Yourself Practical Color Workbook

Out Now

The Practical Color Workbook ~ Get Creative with Color

Find out more here!

Also available:  Learn the design process made easy for real-life home-owners...

Take a look at my range of books and e-book packages...

Discover the easy way to
interior design it yourself

Buy the books now...

Click here

Color and interior consultations are available

Need some help with your colors or your design?

Ask me for help

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