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living room decorating idea - colorful eclectic look with pattern and antiques A gorgeous and very personal look, created with beautiful and striking antiques, a warm color scheme and lots of lovely pattern.
The touches of gold add to the very luxurious feel.

Rather an eclectic living room decorating look with those sumptuous patterns, but it works really well.

Look out for beautiful antiques like these to add an unusual focal point or feature to any room.

A very luxurious look. Lovely!
living room decorating idea - colorful contemporary look with Spanish interior design influences Simple but sweet! A lovely contemporary take on a traditional Spanish interior design style. Warm washed walls, and an emphasis on carved wood, mixed with some lovely contemporary furniture and a feature floor.

I love that little yellow sofa and chair - a lovely bright splash of color against the terracotta orange - and look how the color has been picked up in the cushions too.

A very good look in this small space - keeping it nice and bright, simple and clutter free.
living room decorating idea - colorful contemporary look lovely lime green sofas I think this soft lime green is just gorgeous - and gives a real taste of Spring! It's a lovely fresh and light color, that gives a lift to the room, without overwhelming.

A nice simple and minimal feel, and the lime green is allowed to take center stage with use of a smart and contemporary black and white.

Everything sleek and simple - works well!
living room decorating idea - pretty in pink The ultimate 'pretty in pink' style. A lovely and very feminine look, bringing pastels and floral patterns into the 21st Century with a contemporary twist - no-one would call this granny-ish!

Pretty patterns mix well with harsher black and white accents for that smart, modern feel.

Deeper tones of pink are used as further accents and focal point furniture, to emphasise a fun and feminine feel.

A beautiful look!
living room decorating blue red comfortable sofa A lovely relaxing and traditional room, that makes the most of a cool, calming blue.

Accents of red, orange, yellow and green give a cosy and warm feel, and brighten up the decorating scheme.
living room decorating open fire olde worlde cosy Snuggle up on cold nights with some olde worlde charm and a real open fire. Nothing beats a real fire!

Enhance this living room decorating scheme with welcoming leather sofas and warming reds. Using brickwork and wood just adds to the authentic charm.
living room decorating tropical, natural, archway, cool What an unusual look! I love the archway here, for a touch of real character.

This is a lovely, cool, tropical feel - without over-doing the 'theme'. The cool colors and natural look gives a sophisticated room, with wow!
living room decorating, neutral, cream, lime Pale neutrals like these can be a good long term basis for your room.

Give it a lift and its own personality with an injection of color. The rich browns teamed with zingy lime make a real splash in the room, for a fresh feel and ultra-modern style.
living room decorating, traditional style, pale blue, dark wood, sofa A traditional decorating scheme doesn't need to be boring. This uses one of my own favorite color combinations, pale blue and a rich wood, mixed with light neutrals.

Gives a beautifully sophisticated scheme - real class!
living room decorating modern, simple, red Simple can be stunnning! This sleek modern room makes the most of clean lines and bold colors against a neutral background.

What a combination - it really makes a statement! Bold and beautiful!

I hope that some of these photos have given you some ideas for your own living room project...

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